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                                                         WELL PERMITTING/REGISTRATION
Required for all new non-exempt wells (permit  application) and existing non-exempt wells that produce more than
25,000 gallons per    day.  All wells both exempt
(intent to drill) and non-exempt must be registered with the District.

                                        WELL CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS
Same as the Texas Water Well Driller's and Pump Installers' Rules (TDLR).

                                                        WELL SPACING
Mandates that all wells shall be located no closer than 330' to another well nor closer than 50' to a property line.

                                                             PRODUCTION REGULATIONS
No more than 16 non-exempt wells shall be permitted per survey section.

The District is involved in wellhead protection programs for public water supply wells. It has also established a   
Water Quality Monitoring Program.   Through  this program  60  wells are sampled on a  3 year  rotation   -  20
of these  wells are sampled each year.

                                                                WELL CAPPING PROGRAM
The District provides materials for well caps to local high school Ag departments who build the well caps. The
Dictrict  pays  a  fee  to  the schools  for  building  these caps  and  then  provides the caps to the residents of
the district at no cost.
                                             WATER LEVEL MONITORING
The District has established a Water Level  Monitoring  Program.   In previous years,  the District measures the   
water levels in 60 wells twice a year. However, due to the prolonged drought in West Texas, the District
currently measures water levels once a month in 111 strategically located wells and has for over three years.

The  District  maintains  an in-house  lab  to test  chemical and bacteriological constituents of  water  samples
at no cost to the well owners.  Upon request of the well owner, water samples are submitted to commercial or
other labs with the well owner paying the actual cost for the analysis.

The District collects  data  on all  wells  within  its  boundaries  and maintains a computer database.   Currently   
over 10,117 wells have been registered and over 4,153 driller's logs have entered into the database.  Data is
shared with various  agencies  and  consultants  that  are  working on  Groundwater  Availability   Models  and    
Recharge Models within Region F.  The District is also a member of the TWDB's Texas Water Information   

The  District  maintains well  construction  standards and  well  spacing in  relation to  concentrated  sources on   
contamination such as septic systems, livestock or poultry yards and privies.  It also mandates that any open or  
uncovered well shall be capped or permanently plugged.
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